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The Tony Hawk’s Professional Skater Wiki Information & Walkthrough comprises data on how one can get from begin to end in THPS, gathering each Collectible, each Stat Level, declare each Excessive Rating, discover each Hole, and make your method as a Professional Skater.

This web page of the information contains directions on how one can carry out a Tailslide.

How To Tailslide

The Tailslide is a fundamental grind accessible to each skater, whether or not Customized or Professional. Sadly, the command for performing the Tailslide is not within the Skater transfer record, however we have you lined.

To carry out a Tailslide, method a rail or ledge such that the rail or ledge is behind the skater. In case you are at the moment skating Common, the rail/ledge must be in your left. In case you are at the moment skating Goofy, the rail/ledge must be in your proper.

Ollie, then angle the D-Pad or analog stick away from the rail and hit the grind button.

If you happen to mess up and angle your D-Pad or analog stick in the direction of the rail, you will find yourself performing a Noseslide, as a substitute.

In case you are skating goofy, you will provoke a “bottom” (or BS) Tailslide. In case you are skating Common, you will provoke a “frontside” (or FS) Tailslide.

Now that you know the way to carry out each variants of the Tailslide, get on the market and get skating!


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