Want to Live Forever? There’s No Theoretical Limit to Human Lifespan, New Study Says



People can most likely stay to at the least 130, and probably properly past, although the probabilities of reaching such tremendous outdated age stay vanishingly small, in response to new analysis.

The outer restrict of the human lifespan has lengthy been hotly debated, with current research making the case we may stay as much as 150 years, or arguing that there isn’t a most theoretical age for people.


The brand new analysis, revealed Wednesday within the Royal Society Open Science journal, wades into the controversy by analyzing new knowledge on supercentenarians – folks aged 110 or extra – and semi-supercentenarians, aged 105 or extra.

Whereas the chance of dying typically will increase all through our lifetime, the researchers’ evaluation reveals that danger finally plateaus and stays fixed at roughly 50-50.

“Past age 110 one can consider residing one other yr as being virtually like flipping a good coin,” mentioned Anthony Davison, a professor of statistics on the Swiss Federal Institute of Know-how in Lausanne (EPFL), who led the analysis.

“If it comes up heads, then you definately stay to your subsequent birthday, and if not, then you’ll die in some unspecified time in the future inside the subsequent yr,” he informed AFP.

Primarily based on the info out there to date, it appears doubtless that people can stay till at the least 130, however extrapolating from the findings “would suggest that there isn’t a restrict to the human lifespan,” the analysis concludes.

The conclusions match comparable statistical analyses executed on datasets of the very aged.

“However this research strengthens these conclusions and makes them extra exact as a result of extra knowledge at the moment are out there,” Davison mentioned.


The primary dataset the crew studied is newly launched materials from the Worldwide Database on Longevity, which covers greater than 1,100 supercentenarians from 13 nations.

The second is from Italy on each one who was at the least 105 between January 2009 and December 2015.


‘One in one million’

The work entails extrapolating from current knowledge, however Davison mentioned that was a logical method.

“Any research of maximum outdated age, whether or not statistical or organic, will contain extrapolation,” he mentioned.

“We had been in a position to present that if a restrict beneath 130 years exists, we must always have been in a position to detect it by now utilizing the info now out there,” he added.

Nonetheless, simply because people can theoretically attain 130 or past, doesn’t suggest we’re prone to see it anytime quickly.

For a begin, the evaluation is predicated on individuals who have already achieved the comparatively uncommon feat of creating it to properly over 100.

And even at age 110, your probabilities of making it to 130 are “about one in one million… not inconceivable however not possible,” mentioned Davison.

He thinks we may see folks reaching 130 inside the century, as extra folks make it to supercentenarian standing, growing the probabilities of one turning into that one in one million.


“However within the absence of main medical and social advances, ages a lot over this are extremely unlikely ever to be noticed,” he added.

For now, the oldest individual on file is Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 on the confirmed age of 122.

Her true age was the topic of some controversy, with claims of a doable fraud, however in 2019 a number of consultants mentioned a evaluate of the proof confirmed her age.

Different pretenders to the throne of oldest individual ever have an extended approach to go. The oldest verified residing individual on the earth is Japan’s Kane Tanaka, a relatively youthful 118.

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