So … What If Aliens’ Quantum Computers Explain Dark Energy?

Once I lived within the Bay Space, I used to get along with my buddy Jaron Lanier to discover the implications of spectacularly bizarre thought experiments.

Outlandish thought experiments have been important within the mental historical past of science, however the level isn’t the weirdness itself. The payoff of desirous about unusual issues like Schrödinger’s cat, the notorious cat that’s alive and lifeless on the similar time, shouldn’t be essentially that we should always then “consider” within the existence of such a cat. As an alternative, we will hope that unusual concepts will make clear the murky margins of our ideas; within the case of Schrodinger’s cat, in coping with the query of superposition. The purpose is to not confuse or bamboozle individuals, however to ultimately discover a solution to assume that makes extra sense and is rather less murky.

The weird notion I need to contemplate right here got here from a dialogue of the seek for alien life kinds. There are a number of how to search for indicators of alien life within the universe, often involving a big array of telescopes. One method is based on the hope that maybe astronomers will get fortunate and likelihood upon an alien radio broadcast. However within the thought experiment Lanier and I explored, we thought-about a distinct and way more dramatic chance.

Suppose that there are many alien civilizations working massively capacious quantum computer systems of the kind that Google and others are simply starting to construct right here on Earth. This results in a query of excessive weirdness: Would an excessive quantity of very distant quantum computation lead to any astronomically observable impact? Might we people see proof of a universe teeming with quantum computer systems by fastidiously analyzing the evening sky?

We thought of numerous methods this is perhaps attainable, however ultimately we centered on one great chance. So right here it’s: First, alien quantum computer systems may clarify the thriller of darkish vitality, as a result of computation by multitudes of alien creatures throughout the universe bends (or fairly unbends) the universe as an entire. As a result of we will observe the impact of darkish vitality, accelerating the enlargement of the universe, this suggests that we now have already seen proof that our universe is alive past us—we simply haven’t acknowledged it as such! And we discovered, fortuitously, that considering this virtually imponderable notion has a human-scale sensible payoff: It helps us make clear how we take into consideration believable relationships between gravity and quantum data. (In case you assume that is unusual, you need to learn a few of the competing concepts. One current paper means that darkish vitality is definitely an indication that point is about to stop to be time and switch into house as an alternative. We’d then be frozen out of time, however be 4 dimensional. In comparison with that, our proposal, aliens and all, is virtually tame.)

Let’s undergo the argument step-by-step: What’s a quantum laptop, and why would aliens be utilizing them?

Let’s assume that, identical to us, loads of alien civilizations will need the very best computer systems for some goal or different. For the sake of argument, we’ll assume the aliens need to get pleasure from high-quality digital actuality, and they also construct computer systems to make that occur. If the computer systems that run alien VR are of the classical variety we use as of late (primarily based on the mathematical framework laid down within the mid-20th century by laptop science pioneers John von Neumann and Alan Turing), then aliens would typically endure an inferior type of virtual-world expertise. You may assume that classical computer systems ought to be as much as the duty—in spite of everything, the particular results in films are getting pretty reasonable, and classical computer systems are capable of calculate these results—however they aren’t. Keep in mind that films are ready upfront. Digital actuality, nevertheless, should create sensations for the human physique on the fly and as rapidly as actuality does.

Classical computer systems can’t work that quick. Moreover, there are instances the place the human physique is ready to answer actuality on the highest attainable stage of sensitivity. For instance, the retina can in sure instances, generate a neural response to a single photon. In a case like that, the human physique has grow to be as discriminating as physics can probably enable. Simply as classical computer systems can’t be as quick because the universe, they will’t be that discerning, both. If we assume that aliens elsewhere additionally developed to be as delicate to this final, quantum stage of actuality in some particular instances as we’re to gentle, then after they attempt to design a nonquantum supercomputer and VR equipment that would simulate actuality on the final stage of element, they might have run into issues. That’s one motive we guess that discerning aliens would search the facility of quantum computer systems to run their digital worlds.

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