r/politics – Die Hard Trump Supporters Increasingly Demand Violence if He Isn’t Reinstated, Homeland Security Warns


I feel as a result of the normalization of Trump and his erosion of political norms during the last 5 years, many individuals do not appear to see simply how unfathomably harmful and downright fascist this complete state of affairs has develop into.

Donald Trump misplaced. He misplaced. That’s irrefutable and indeniable. He has refused to concede. Not solely has he refused to concede, he is actively telling his tens of millions of supporters that he really received and that the opposition STOLE the election from him. He isn’t saying there was some counting error or pc malfunction. He claims {that a} crime was dedicated. It is completely inexcusable and outright seditious, as many on this subbreddit already know.

The founding fathers, for all their faults as males, weren’t silly. Removed from it. They understood how critically essential it was that absolutely the powers of a monarch (or a despot/dictator) wanted to be subtle amongst many, and that these many separate entities would wish to behave as checks on each other. That is why there’s primarily three branches of presidency in each iteration of democracies around the globe; they every maintain a fraction of the facility that was as soon as reserved for a sole monarch. This division is a examine in opposition to corruption and the inherent nature of energy to deprave those that wield it. The one purpose that democracy – any democracy, not simply the American model – can survive is thru a peaceable switch of energy. With out it, there’s chaos. A number of thousand years of recorded historical past taught the founding fathers that when absolute energy is concentrated in a single particular person, when that particular person dies or are overthrown, numerous individuals endure. Limitless wars of succession and conflicts over who has the rightful declare to energy plagued us for generations. With out a peaceable and legally delineated methodology handy diffuse energy from one particular person to the subsequent, there’s nothing to cease somebody from elevating a military, crossing the proverbial Rubicon, and grabbing the reins of energy by pressure. That is the actual magic of a democratic system: that all of us collectively agree that the facility of the state is peacefully and legally handed down with out bloodshed or recrimination. It is one thing that solely works as a result of all of us consider it does, very similar to the inherent worth of cash. It is one thing we take with no consideration, however it’s actually astonishing given most of human historical past.

There’s a methodology baked proper into the structure for somebody who thinks they misplaced an election in the event that they consider it was unfair, or corrupt, or stolen: You’re taking it to the courts – to the separate department – for it to be dominated on. It is the explanation why the president-elect would not simply assume energy the day after the election. If there is a authentic declare to malfeasance or miscounting, it goes to the courts, either side presents its case, and the judicial department has the time to weigh the proof and make a ruling.

This is not simply hypothetical – it is already occurred. In 2000 the electoral faculty got here down to 1 state: Florida. Gore misplaced to Bush by lower than a thousand votes. The evening of the election Gore conceded, after which within the following days as the image grew to become extra clear, he retracted his concession and took the matter to the courts. It went all the best way to the Supreme Courtroom, and he misplaced. They made their ruling and gave the election to Bush. That is the best way it is alleged to occur, it is how the founding fathers designed it. No civil conflict. No bloodshed. 

Did Gore declare that the Bush stole the election? Did he sulk away to his mansion and name himself the “actual” president? Did he whip his supporters right into a frenzy, inform them to “cease the steal” and unleash them on the capital constructing when the votes have been going to be licensed? No. He conceded. Not solely did he concede, he thanked his supporters for his or her laborious work, congratulated Bush, and advised his individuals to throw their assist behind the President-elect. As a result of that is what you do in a democracy. It is not as a result of he is some respectable man, it is your accountability as a participant within the electoral course of.

You throw your hat into the ring. You run your marketing campaign and attempt to sway the voters. In case you lose, you concede. It is not only a formality, it is critically essential to the well being of the nation as a complete. Each candidate is aware of this. Kerry conceded in 2004. McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012. Nixon conceded when he misplaced to Kennedy in 1960, and Nixon was an irredeemable piece of shit. (Skip to five:50 to listen to Nixon describe the significance of concession and uniting across the victor)

Every speech is basically the identical: thanking supporters, formally conceding, and throwing your assist behind the brand new president-elect and urging your supporters to do the identical. Candidates, even the irredeemably shitty ones, know that elections are vicious and divisive, so effort must be made to attempt to unite afterwards. Nobody man is greater or extra essential than the entire.

Individuals have to think about the method, that elections are truthful and free, and that the candidate with probably the most votes (or electoral votes) wins. In the event that they doubt that very foundational premise a few of them will resort to violence. They’re going to resort to violence as a result of they’re going to consider that the authorized channels for peaceable decision aren’t related. That is why the insurrectionists on January sixth thought they have been being “patriots”. It is a mass self-delusion that was perpetuated and allowed to fester and develop as a result of Trump spent 5 years gaslighting the nation and refusing to concede an election he misplaced. They may be ignorant authoritarians, however they would not be storming the capital with out Trump and his massive lie.

Trump had each authorized proper to contest the outcomes of the 2020 election within the courts. He did. Over 60 lawsuits filed in a number of states. It went to the Supreme Courtroom. He misplaced each single one. These lawsuits failed or have been tossed out as a result of there was legitimately zero proof of the large fraud and theft Trump was claiming.

The current Self-importance Truthful interview with Trump might be one of many scariest issues I’ve learn in a protracted whereas. Among the many unending predictable lies and bullshit we come to count on from Trump got here the truth that he was upset within the federal and state judges he appointed that determined in opposition to him or tossed out his lawsuits. He was upset with Brett Kavanagh and the conservative judges on the Supreme Courtroom for his or her disloyalty. THEIR DISLOYALTY

That is surreal. It is past the pale. The President of america is upset {that a} separate department of the federal authorities did not present him adequate loyalty. What the eternal fuck is that this fascist nonsense? The federal authorities is just not a mafia household. Federal judges do not owe anybody loyalty – no matter whether or not they’re from the identical get together or if they have been appointed by somebody. Your benefit is just not judged in your loyalty, particularly when your very position is to stay neutral and interpret the legislation. Judges are loyal to the structure, not the President!  It is of their very oath of workplace!

This is the reason Trump is such a menace. It is not simply his ignorance, his incompetence, his vainness, his vindictiveness, his narcissism. These are all horrible qualities to have. He is a menace as a result of he is prepared to utterly disregard and tear down the very bedrock rules of democracy (the separation of authority and the peaceable switch of energy) to serve his wants. His ego cannot deal with a loss, so the structure and all the pieces that makes democracy a useful different to despotism and authoritarianism can burn. 

Trump is not simply the worst president in historical past, he is a menace to the very cloth of the nation. Due to the sluggish crawl of his erosion of norms, the frenetic tempo of 24 hour information, the brief consideration span of our trendy society, and a media obsessive about scores over info, Trump has been allowed to get away with this behaviour. The truth that Republicans are lining up and falling over one another to supplicate themselves earlier than this man must be a stain that ought to by no means wash off and must be their legacy. If there’s any justice on the planet, historical past is not going to be form to those enabling sycophants who actively helped this cancerous progress. 

I want I used to be being hyperbolic, I actually do. However there is no different strategy to see that one political get together and tens of millions of People should not solely superb with authoritarianism, however will actively cheer it on and promote its rise.

Positive, a case will be made that this was inevitable given the course of the Republican get together for the final 30 years. Trump is a mutated pressure of their model of “conservatism” which does not actually appear to face for something at this level past the acquisition and safety of energy. However Trump continues to be way more harmful than the unique pathogen: he is a pressure that wishes to make sure that details do not imply something and that loyalty is the one foreign money that issues. 

Typically I really feel like I am screaming into the void about a few of this, however I really feel like Trump’s antics and firehose of bullshit is inflicting tens of millions of individuals to lose sight of the forest for the timber. Hell, they’re shedding sight of the galaxy for the pebbles of sand on the seashore.

The one means I see out of that is if he faces authorized ramifications for what he is executed. If he is permitted to get away with it, and run in 2024, and win? That is absolutely the nightmare situation.


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