WATCH: MSNBC Doctors Explain How Southern GOP Governors Have Turned The South Into a COVID ‘Powderkeg’



The Southern area of america largely votes for Republican politicians. And with the GOP now being the celebration of Trump, these lawmakers are wonderful with placing their constituents in peril to spare the previous president’s emotions.

So these governors have turned the pandemic right into a tradition struggle difficulty moderately than a well being concern. And in response to Dr. Peter Hotez, that has arrange the South the be a COVID powder keg.

The physician informed host Jonathan Capehart:

We’re seeing a really worrisome surge throughout the southern states, and it’s getting into a big form of a “U” beginning in Missouri, right down to Arkansas, Louisiana, reducing throughout east into Florida after which going up into the Carolinas. And it has a distinct taste from the surge that we noticed final summer season. It’s true that now we have quite a bit extra older People who’re vaccinated, so the deaths are nothing like what we noticed earlier than. However what we’re seeing in its place is a lot and plenty of younger individuals getting sick. And many hospitalizations for younger individuals. We’re even beginning to see now pediatric intensive care unit admissions. I don’t suppose this virus is selectively concentrating on children, I simply suppose just about anybody that’s not vaccinated is getting 

swept up on this. And the large fear is in August right here within the south, colleges begin early. They begin sooner than they do up within the north. And I believe that is actually going to behave as an accelerant for this epidemic. What I’m holding my breath about, given the truth that aside from Louisiana we don’t have masks mandates, we actually don’t have vaccination mandates for COVID vaccines, now we have fewer than 20% of adolescents vaccinated in most southern states, this can be a powder keg.”


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