Can You Overdose on Marijuana?



Misinformation has run rampant over using marijuana for many years. In 1936, the church group-financed film Reefer Insanity taught the general public in regards to the perils introduced in utilizing the drug — every part from tried homicide to suicide and insanity. Across the similar time, Harry Anslinger and others started the struggle on medicine, which was no less than partly fueled by racist motives. Ever since, rumors and or slanted science about weed has usually crammed in a gaping gap in analysis as a result of restrictions on medicine illegalized by western governments. That mentioned, the legalization of marijuana in numerous states and nations has led to advertising and marketing campaigns making generally doubtful claims of the herb’s well being advantages.

Some folks have lengthy tended to lump all unlawful medicine collectively, seeing little distinction between the hazards posed by medicine like heroine or methamphetamines to marijuana. However how harmful is marijuana, actually? Can it kill you? Is it attainable to overdose on weed?

The reply to the latter query is a simple “no.” There are some ways in which joints, bong hits or artificial variations of the psychoactive brokers in marijuana can kill you, however overdosing on pure, unadulterated marijuana that isn’t blended with something may be very almost not possible.

“It’s not near alcohol or opiate toxicity,” says Mujeeb Shad, a psychiatrist with the College of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Why the Hazard of Marijuana Is Self-Mitigated

The explanation marijuana doesn’t pose the identical kind of danger as opiates, cocaine, amphetamines and even alcohol is that a few of the lively parts of the pungent herb work in opposition to one another in your physique.

Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, might be essentially the most poisonous element of marijuana. It’s additionally what’s liable for a lot of the stronger psychoactive and addictive results that customers.

Over the previous few a long time, the THC content material of marijuana has elevated, that means that, in concept, the addictive potential for the drug has elevated. THC is thought-about a partial agonist, which implies it isn’t really very poisonous, particularly in contrast with extra harmful medicine like opiates or cocaine that may be poisonous or deadly at excessive doses. However even when the THC content material was excessive sufficient to trigger actual harm to your physique, marijuana additionally has a built-in approach to maintain this element in verify: cannabidiol, or CBD.

Chances are you’ll be aware of CBD as a result of plethora of New Age well being practitioners that promote the substance in every part from balms to edible merchandise, although the science hasn’t but caught up

to a few of these claims.

However CBD dampens a few of the probably antagonistic results of THC, counteracting a few of its toxicity.

“[CBD] is type of a system stabilizer,” Shad says.

Marijuana can actually trigger detrimental results, whether or not meaning nausea, paranoia, vomiting, delusions, confusion or nervousness. But it surely’s unlikely to kill you by itself.

Artificial Marijuana and Drug Cocktails

Whereas the pure type of marijuana will not be poisonous sufficient to trigger overdose, Shad says newer artificial types of THC presently accessible on the unlawful market like Spice or K2 are a unique story. These medicine have substantial results and will be extremely poisonous, as they don’t carry any of the balancing parts the herb has. 

“They are often extraordinarily poisonous, folks can die from them,” Shad says, including that many of those artificial THC medicine are full agonists fairly than partial agonists like extra natural types of THC. In truth, he and his co-authors even proposed utilizing CBD as a possible therapy for toxicity attributable to Spice or K2.

One other drawback comes when marijuana is laced with different substances, whether or not it’s different psychedelics, opiates, or designer medicine. “That may decrease the relative security of marijuana,” Shad says.

Different medicine can even counteract the stability between THC and CBD, permitting the poisonous parts usually curtailed in marijuana to do extra hurt. In consequence, combining marijuana with medicine like opiates or cocaine may create a poisonous combination that’s larger than the sum of its components, Shad says.

Lengthy-Time period Points

The decades-long freeze on analysis implies that strong science on the impacts of longer-term marijuana use is missing. However simply the identical, smoking marijuana fairly than consuming it will probably trigger lots of the similar issues that smoking tobacco can. The inhalation of hydrocarbons from the burning materials can result in lung most cancers or coronary heart issues. Many individuals combine marijuana with tobacco in joints, or smoke the substance with out filters, which additionally will increase the detrimental impacts.

“That’s why smoking marijuana is far more problematic than utilizing it in different methods,” Shad says.

Shad provides that marijuana use by kids beneath 15 has additionally been linked to an elevated probability of schizophrenia later in life. Usually, folks with schizophrenia may see their circumstances worsened by marijuana use.

“Anyone who has the organic underpinnings will be in danger will be prone to growing schizophrenia later,” Shad says. “These substances alter mind perform, and the long-term results of those will not be recognized.”

One impact that will examine with alcohol is driving, nevertheless. Just like consuming and driving, marijuana can sluggish your motor capabilities, which might improve the time it takes your mind and physique to react. “The slower reflexes could cause issues,” Shad says.

In different phrases, smoking joints and driving is just not a good suggestion, simply the identical method as taking bong hits earlier than revving up the chainsaw might be not in your finest pursuits.

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However the risks of marijuana use in and of itself are sometimes far overblown, particularly when contemplating that one other authorized drug — alcohol — is much deadlier. You’ll be able to in all probability kill your self with lower than $100 of onerous alcohol for those who drink it rapidly sufficient.

“Alcohol is a comparatively extra harmful substance than marijuana, and our society has utterly accepted it,” Shad says. “We shouldn’t be on the market condoning using both of the 2. However on the similar time, we have to educate folks about these variations.” 


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