WATCH: Fox’s Jesse Watters Claims US Didn’t Steal Land From Native Americans, “We Won it on the Battlefield”



Over the weekend, Rep. Cori Bush (MO) famous that not all People really feel the identical approach concerning the 4th of July. She famous on her Twitter web page, “Once they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, keep in mind this: the liberty they’re referring to is for white individuals. This land is stolen land and Black individuals nonetheless aren’t free.”

This enraged Fox host Jesse Watters who introduced up the message on Tuesday. The 5 host claimed, “Congresswoman Bush stated two issues. Actually dumb issues. She says this land was stolen. This land wasn’t stolen. We gained this land on the battlefield and we purchased it, proper? We bought Spain–I imply we bought Florida from Spain. We now have the receipts. What, do you need to give Florida again to Spain?”

Co-host Geraldo Rivera retorted, “How concerning the Seminoles?”

Watters continued, “Properly, what about them, Geraldo? We gained that territory on the battlefield. It was an unpleasant, brutal battle, however we gained it. We’re not simply gonna give all the pieces again to the indigenous individuals of this nation.”


The Fox host then moved onto the second a part of Bush’s tweet concerning the freedom of Black People. “St. Louis, which Bush represents, has a Black mayor, district lawyer, and police chief. So are you saying these Black leaders are denying freedom to the Black individuals of St. Louis? That’s insane.”

Bush’s tweet isn’t all that newsworthy. Nevertheless it’s the precise sort of factor that Fox jumps throughout to fire up white grievance.


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