r/politics – QAnon shaman Jacob Chansley loses bid for freedom ahead of Capitol riot trial


“The pre-existing psychological vulnerabilities of the Defendant had been evident and patent on the time of his shirtless presentation on January 6, 2021, within the chilly of a Washington, D.C., winter day. The acuity of the weak Defendant has waned with every passing day of solitary confinement. The results of similar, like ivy, have slept, crept and now leapt,” Watkins wrote in a courtroom submitting.

Very fascinating BUT silly.

If these guys hold going with the argument that their purchasers will not be rational however relatively mentally in poor health, Maybe they should not be arguing for them to be launched however relatively be positioned beneath psychological well being care in a psychological well being facility till their date In courtroom.

I cannot argue in opposition to anybody who says that the individuals who entered the Capitol constructing had been mentally unstable, mentally in poor health, or mentally stunted as a result of I’ve been arguing that the qanon motion, boog boys, oath breakers, and threepercenters have been focusing on Weak people for a very long time and that the Cambridge Analytica Fb information scandal has advanced these ways into efficient microtargeting psyops main individuals into darkish triad mentalities and actions.

All people ought to learn mindf*ck by Christopher Wylie. It is vitally seemingly that a whole lot of these individuals have undergone a number of years of focused psychological operations designed to push political opposites away from cooperative governance and towards Populist reactionism.

I hope no one thinks that I’m attempting to create a either side argument with this, however the many differing teams on the precise and teams on the left had been focused with these programming ways. I do know individuals who obtained into antifa throughout the occupy days who reached out in 2016/2017 to inform me that they had been stepping away as a result of (they stated) there was a whole lot of inorganic exercise pushing violent motion of their communities. Their massive concern was that it was being set as much as create a managed opposition for the RW propaganda machine.


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