Whose Frog Is Boiled? NPR’s Metaphor Abuse on Abortion



On Friday evening, NPR devoted a phase to assessing the just-concluded time period of the Supreme Courtroom, or they guessed how a lot injury conservatives have been aiming to trigger with three Trump-appointed justices. Anchor Ari Shapiro introduced in three liberals: their court docket reporter Nina Totenberg, Tom Goldstein of “SCOTUSBlog,” and regulation professor Jamal Greene.

Totenberg touted that each Shapiro and Goldstein had been her interns at NPR. Shapiro requested what ruling was “extraordinarily consequential,” and Totenberg mentioned they have been “gutting” voting rights: 

TOTENBERG: Voting rights can be my huge determination, I believe. On the final day of the time period — and, Ari and Tom, you have been each as soon as my interns, so that you keep in mind that that is hardly the primary time that the court docket has performed one thing enormous on the final day of the time period that tells you one thing necessary about its agenda. And on the final day of this time period, the court docket continued gutting the landmark Voting Rights Act by making it a lot simpler for states to enact restrictive voting rights for — it finally ends up being primarily poorer individuals who have a tough time attending to the polls, who work and have lengthy hours, et cetera.


However it was Goldstein who actually employed the strangest metaphor. He fearful about Individuals being “the frog in boiling water,” however he was describing the potential finish of authorized abortion. Earth to Tom: If any people have been the “boiled frog” of the final half-century, it has been the unborn infants. He was expressing a desire for a “rip the Band-Support off” method to banning abortion, so the folks would revolt: 

GOLDSTEIN: It is true that it issues whether or not Roe v. Wade is overruled in 5 years versus one and even eight as a substitute of 1. However there may be an argument to be made that having it’s faster would trigger the general public to be extra conscious of what the court docket is doing, whether or not you agree with it or not. And it is a little bit the phenomenon of the frog in boiling water. Because it occurs slowly, it simply would not notice that it is being cooked.

As if the liberal media would not panic at any transfer to limit abortions? 


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