Mysterious Mineral Only Ever Seen in Meteorites Inexplicably Found by The Dead Sea



A really uncommon mineral that is beforehand been discovered solely in extraterrestrial meteorites has been found in Earth’s personal rocks for the primary time, mendacity in a sedimentary formation not removed from the shores of the Useless Sea.


Allabogdanite, a phosphide mineral, was unknown to science till simply a few a long time in the past, after fragments of a small iron meteorite had been recovered from the Bolshoi Dolguchan River in Jap Yakutia, Russia.

A pattern of the fragments later revealed the presence of a brand new mineral construction occurring as skinny layers of crystals unfold all through the meteorite’s plessite combination. The discoverers named it after Russian geologist Alla Bogdanova.

Subsequently, allabogdanite has been present in different meteorites too, suggesting that the uncommon mineral won’t be fairly as unique as had been believed.

Even so, solely being present in rocks falling out of the sky remains to be a fairly particular standing all instructed – and but now it appears allabogdanite additionally has Earthly origins we by no means knew about.

010 meteorite 2(Mineralogical Society of America)

Above: Normal view of a pattern from the Hatrurim basin. Left: Polished cross-section displaying allabogdanite and barringerite grains (white pebbles). Proper: The identical fragment displaying grains of allabogdanite (combined colours) and barringerite (yellow).

In a new examine, scientists report the invention of allabogdanite within the Negev Desert of Israel, situated to the southwest of the Useless Sea.


“The invention of the high-pressure polymorph of (Fe,Ni)2P, allabogdanite within the surficial pyrometamorphic rocks of the Hatrurim Formation (the Mottled Zone) surrounding the Useless Sea basin in Israel is the primary terrestrial prevalence of a mineral beforehand solely present in iron meteorites,” a crew of researchers, led by crystallographer Sergey Britvin from St Petersburg College in Russia, explains within the new paper


Whereas the Useless Sea’s allabogdanite won’t come from outer area, it nonetheless stays potential – maybe – that it was born out of some form of extraterrestrial occasion, the researchers say.

Evaluation of the Hatrurim pattern – and experiments exploring the way it transitions from its low-pressure polymorph state, the mineral barringerite – counsel this terrestrial allabogdanite solely kinds below extraordinarily excessive stress: over 25 gigapascals.

“Such excessive pressures on Earth might be attained throughout catastrophic collisions with giant meteorite impactors, or on the Earth’s mantle circumstances, at a depth of greater than 500 kilometers,” Britvin says.

Nonetheless, as there is not any proof of huge meteorite collisions within the area – nor any indicators that the rocks within the Mottled Zone have deep ties to Earth’s mantle – it isn’t precisely clear how this terrestrial allabogdanite got here to be.

If we are able to find different situations of terrestrial allabogdanite, it would give us extra to go on. However till we are able to discover one other supply of this uncommon mineral on Earth, it is exhausting to say extra, the crew concludes.

“Subsequently, the origin of terrestrial allabogdanite within the rocks of the Mottled Zone stays unresolved and provides to the variety of mineralogical enigmas of this uncommon metamorphic complicated,” the researchers clarify.

The findings are reported in American Mineralogist.



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