r/politics – Republican Congressman Madison Cawthorn Casually Suggests Armed Citizens Should Overthrow the Government



I doubt any of the massive wheels in RNC management are literally wheeling and dealing to get the wheels turning with reference to expulsion.

Cawthorn’s rhetoric isn’t something new to the GOP, it’s not like he reinvented the wheel. He’s additionally not outdoors their mainstream so that they don’t take into account him a 3rd wheel.

To outsiders, the GOP seems to only be spinning their wheels, however they’ve really had a agency grip on the wheel all alongside. They know that though Cawthorn is only a small cog on a big wheel, donations come pouring in each time he wheels out some absurd new grievance.


Producing outrage is his wheelhouse and sadly the GOP is very happy to grease the wheels. The GOP is hell on wheels they usually’re going to proceed rolling downhill till the wheels fall off.

Or till the wheel comes again round full circle…


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