r/politics – When America’s richest men pay $0 in income tax, this is wealth supremacy



For generations the wealthiest People have been fomenting a battle of political ideologies between the supporters of the 2 main political events. Why?

Distractions. We as a inhabitants solely have a lot consideration to present political issues. By focusing the outrage on emotional points like 2A, abortion, church/state, immigration, and now LGBTQ+ issues. It drives division among the many inhabitants, that very same division does not permit a unified voice towards the large wealth hole that has exponentially widened on this newest technology.

Now you think about rulings like Residents United permitting deep pocket firms to have political communicate. You’ve gotten a fractured inhabitants solely ever capable of elevate a whisper of protest whereas company megaphones drown out everybody.


The billionaires on the earth are becoming bored with the sheer accumulation of wealth, when you have got people with internet price that rival the GDP of nations, how can they not take that cash and convert it into political energy.


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