The World’s Oldest Water Lies Deep Below Canada And Is 2 Billion Years Old



The world’s oldest recognized water was present in an historic pool under Canada in 2016, and is at the least 2 billion years previous.

Again in 2013 scientists discovered water courting again about 1.5 billion years on the Kidd Mine in Ontario, however in 2016, deeper investigation revealed a fair older supply buried underground.


The preliminary discovery of the traditional liquid in 2013 got here at a depth of round 2.four kilometers (1.5 miles) in an underground tunnel within the mine. However the excessive depth of the mine – which at 3.1 kilometers (1.9 miles) is the deepest base metallic mine on the planet – gave researchers the chance to maintain digging.

“[The 2013 find] actually pushed again our understanding of how previous flowing water could possibly be and so it actually drove us to discover additional,” geochemist Barbara Sherwood Lollar from the College of Toronto advised Rebecca Morelle on the BBC again in 2016.

“And we took benefit of the truth that the mine is continuous to discover deeper and deeper into the earth.”

The 2016 supply was discovered at about Three kilometers (1.9 miles) down, and in response to Sherwood Lollar, there’s much more of it than you may count on.

“When folks take into consideration this water they assume it should be some tiny quantity of water trapped inside the rock,” she mentioned.

“However the truth is it’s extremely a lot effervescent proper up out at you. This stuff are flowing at charges of liters per minute – the amount of the water is far bigger than anybody anticipated.”


Groundwater normally flows extraordinarily slowly in comparison with floor water – as slowly as 1 meter per 12 months. However when tapped with boreholes drilled within the mine, it could move at about 2 liters per minute.

By analyzing gases dissolved on this historic groundwater – together with helium, neon, argon, and xenon – the researchers have been capable of date it again to at the least 2 billion years, making it the oldest recognized water on Earth.

The findings have been introduced in December 2016 on the American Geophysical Union Fall Assembly

in San Francisco.

In earlier analysis that the staff revealed in October, evaluation of the sulfate content material of the water discovered at 2.four km down confirmed one thing attention-grabbing – that the sulfate was produced in situ in a chemical response between the water and the rock, and never the results of sulfate being carried underground by floor water.

Which means that the geochemical situations in these historic swimming pools of water which can be reduce off from the floor could possibly be enough in themselves to maintain microbial life – an impartial, underground ecosystem that might final for probably billions of years.


“The wow issue is excessive,” one of many researchers, Lengthy Li from the College of Alberta, mentioned in a press launch.

“If geological processes can naturally provide a gentle power supply in these rocks, the fashionable terrestrial subsurface biosphere might develop considerably each in breadth and depth.”

Not solely does that imply Earth’s probably liveable areas could possibly be a complete lot greater – given comparable billion-year-old rocks make up about half of Earth’s continental crust – it might additionally imply that planetary habitability on different worlds is perhaps wider than we thought.

“If this could work on historic rocks on Earth, then related processes might make the Martian subsurface liveable,” Sherwood Lollar defined to Hannah Fung at The Varsity again in 2016.

Whereas we’ve not discovered any precise dwelling microbes on this historic underground water but – on Earth or anyplace else for that matter – with the extra historic swimming pools we discover, the nearer we might get.

However there’s much more analysis to be executed.

“We nonetheless want to find out what the distribution of historic waters are on Earth, what the ages of this deep hydrogeosphere are, what number of are inhabited,” mentioned Sherwood Lollar.

“[A]nd how any life we would discover in these remoted waters is identical or completely different from different microbial life discovered as an illustration on the hydrothermal vents on the ocean flooring.”

A model of this text was first revealed in December 2016.



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