New (And Very Cute) ‘Chocolate Frog’ Species Identified By Scientists



Scientists have made a really ribbeting discovery: a brand new species of frog.

The frog in query, Litoria mira, is a tree frog that’s been nicknamed the “chocolate frog” due to its brown coloring. Australian researchers discovered the frog in a swamp within the lowland rainforests of New Guinea.

“The closest recognized relative of Litoria mira is the Australian inexperienced tree frog,” Griffith College and Queensland Museum phylogeneticist Paul Oliver stated in a press launch. “The 2 species look related besides one is normally inexperienced, whereas the brand new species normally has a stunning chocolate colouring.”

Hello, chocolate frog!

Hi there, chocolate frog!

There are different variations as effectively, together with a small violet patch on the fringe of the newly found frog’s eyes. The chocolate frog can be smaller.

Oliver was the lead creator on a paper revealed final month within the Australian Journal of Zoology concerning the frog, which researchers really first noticed again in 2016.

The world the place the frog was discovered is pretty inhospitable to folks, which can be why scientists didn’t know concerning the frog earlier than, Australian herpetologist Steve Richards instructed the Manning River Occasions.

“It’s swampy, it’s spiky, there are many malaria-carrying mozzies [mosquitoes], it floods, there are crocodiles and never many roads,” he stated, noting that the very day he discovered the chocolate frog he additionally needed to flee a bunch of big hornets. “It’s a extremely disagreeable place to work.”

The researchers imagine that the little brown frog could also be pretty widespread in New Guinea, in line with Science Alert

. The frog’s scientific identify is a tribute to the shock the scientists felt on the discovery, Oliver stated in a Griffith College assertion.

“We named this new Litoria frog species Mira, which implies shocked or unusual in Latin, as a result of it was a shocking discovery to search out an over-looked relative of Austalia’s well-known and customary inexperienced tree [frog] residing within the lowland rainforests of New Guinea,” he stated.


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