He’s BACK! Chris Matthews Appears on MSNBC For the First Time Since Losing His Show



After nearly a 12 months and a half away from tv, former longtime-MSNBC host Chris Matthews made his return to his outdated community and time slot on Tuesday’s ReidOut to advertise his new e-book, and pontificate on all the things from the 2020 election to January 6 to his departure from MSNBC to infrastructure to the Peace Corps to even South African politics.

For a lot of the practically 14-minute phase, Matthews appeared to have such a laundry listing of issues to opine on since he misplaced his present (over inappropriate feedback to ladies) that it felt like he had retaken command, as if he have been the host of Hardball and Pleasure Reid was a visitor.

However for all of Matthews’s creepy, cringeworthy, far-left, and insane takes, the looks served as a reminder of 1 indisputable fact in regards to the distinction between Matthews and the hateful and extra vengeful Reid: Not solely did he deeply care about and love America, however he possessed a respect for the Founders.



Reid started by speaking about American democracy being in peril due to Republicans and any Democrat who refuses to axe the filibuster when she boasted: “And who higher to speak in regards to the state of politics than my buddy and former colleague Chris Matthews, who has a brand new, sweeping new memoir about his life out and in of politics.”

As quickly as she stated it was “good to see you, sir,” Matthews was off and operating. Matthews first stated he’s been “glad to see you in that seat” as a result of she’s “definitely earned it.” 

This was even though one might simply argue that loyal Hardball fill-in host and beloved political nerd Steve Kornacki would have been a extra pure match than Reid. Look no additional than Kornacki’s emotional and heartfelt remarks after being compelled to take over as soon as Matthews give up at the beginning of an episode. However we digress.

From there, Matthews started with not a lot promoting e-book as he offered a retelling of his life and a sidenote about how the Democratic Get together ought to make the “D” lowercase.

Reid then requested him what he product of the January 6 riot since he was once a Capitol Police officer, however together with offering a solution to that query, Matthews did what usually did on Hardball, which was get lost in instructions nobody might predict.

In all, his rant went on for nearly 5 minutes and invoked birtherism, get-out-the-vote efforts, the Peace Corps, Q-Anon, and Vietnam. Right here’s a sampling (click on “develop”):

I felt violated, I felt the place I had labored and folks I labored, devoted their lives too, together with the law enforcement officials, and to see these folks are available there and mainly mess — bloodbath the place to loss of life — and desecrate — it’s a superb phrase — it’s a — it’s a non secular time period, however that is acceptable right here. They wished to climb on ceilings and put up indicators and so they wished to put on silly costumes and act like — act like loopy folks to indicate their content material — they have been searching for human beings and god is aware of what they’d have accomplished in the event that they bought them, together with Mike Pence, Mr. Vice President, they have been searching for you and so they have been searching for the speaker and so they have been searching for — to do what with? What have been they going to — tar and feather them? Had been they going to kill them? Had been they going to make enjoyable of them? What have been they going to do? They have been searching for them and it was law enforcement officials, in the long run, and the workers folks that bought them and out of hazard — and out of hazard. And I’m telling you. That is a scary factor. After which I hear a couple of — a — high-ranking normal who took the oath to this Structure, speaking about — I don’t know when he’s going to elucidate himself — I don’t know to elucidate utilizing the phrase “ought to” in the identical preposition with navy coup? What are you speaking about? 


[O]ne benefit of being away from every day tv, being on it, and having speak on a regular basis about what occurred that day like I used to be within the Peace Corps in Africa, you see a sample creating. I’m within the Peace Corps in Africa and I’m watching the bitterness develop at residence towards the Vietnam Warfare. I — you could possibly sense it by the rising dots on the display. What are the dots on the display within the final a number of months? Effectively, you had a President who, to begin with, who stated our earlier President was an unlawful immigrant, he was not President. He couldn’t be. Right here was right here illegally. He snuck within the nation — an absurd, terrible, racist remark. After which you may have a President — former President now, thankly [sic] — fortunately —who calls this President unlawful — who says he’s not President. He’s bought two-thirds of the Republican Get together — the celebration of Lincoln — saying that Joe Biden’s not President! 


, democracy, as Jefferson taught — with all Jefferson’s faults, slavery and the remaining — he did give us all folks — all males are created equal. He did give us a purpose, mockingly, a purpose. And this crowd doesn’t perceive democracy. In case you ask the common Republican who likes Trump, do you actually need the bulk to rule on this nation? Easy query. Together with minorities, do you suppose majority of Americans ought to rule this nation? A easy, democratic vote query. Do you suppose they are going to say sure? No, they’re going to say let’s cut back the variety of minority voters, let’s cut back the variety of younger voters too whereas we’re at it. And , you have been in politics and also you’ve adopted it extra — as a lot as I’ve, regardless of being totally different ages, and I bought to let you know — what was greatest name of our lives? Get out the vote. We have been thrilled for folks to vote. We begged them for months on this community, begged folks for months earlier than every, get out and vote, vote, vote. Stated it to all people. No matter you might be, conservative, no matter, get on the market and vote. We wished all people to vote after which they voted after which they stated it does not depend. 


Reid was lastly in a position to breakthrough, however not earlier than Matthews ended on infrastructure with a loopy story about how he known as up Peoria, Illinois’s chief engineer for then-Home Speaker Tip O’Neill (D-MA) so they may establish structural deficit bridges to be able to embarrass then-Minority Whip Bob Michel (R-IL).



Reid replied such a factor couldn’t be accomplished these days as a result of the fitting is so heartless they wouldn’t care if their constituents die in a bridge collapse, however Matthews confirmed how he was much less of scorched earth politico than Reid (click on “develop”):

You’ve had newer expertise with this crowd, however I bought to let you know. Normally, native politicians suppose it is all native and once they hear that the college bus at three o’clock this afternoon goes operating throughout this harmful bridge, they get some calls from the mother and father.  

And I do suppose that is the way you get to folks. You get them once they’re residence after which they are saying: “This isn’t about ideology or left versus proper. Are you going to repair the damned bridge or not? Are you going to repair. Trigger if something occurs to that bridge, it is your fault. So, I believe outdated politics does work typically should you get them.

Reid repeatedly tried to have Matthews be a part of her within the venomous campaign towards Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), however Matthews wouldn’t take the bait. 

In truth, he schooled her by forcing her to confess there have been possible way more Democratic senators that oppose axing the filibuster, but allowed Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) to take the warmth, however did concede Democrats can’t go into the 2022 midterms with nothing in addition to COVID aid.

With time operating out, Reid closed by asking Matthews to handle Hardball’s sudden cancellation and focus on the “upshot” of being away from TV.

Matthews defined that one upshot has “been having lots of people come up and say, ‘I miss you personally.’ They such as you however they miss — they miss me. We had good firm collectively. And so they additionally say issues like they stated they preferred the way you did not allow them to get away with something, which I like too. I used to be touched.”

As for what transpired with Laura Bassett’s claims of inappropriate conduct that led to his downfall, Matthews stated his feedback have been inexcusable and he “took possession of it, utilizing a pleasant, fashionable phrase” by shedding “my present,” however he’s moved on.

He concluded the place he began, which was speaking about his time with Carter, O’Neill, and Tutu in addition to why he loves America and our system of presidency (click on “develop”):

MATTHEWS: The excellent news is I’ve spent — I’ve by no means had, in my life, two years to sit down down and write about my 70 years, which is to speak about an unimaginable life that I have been so fortunate to have, to be on the within of American politics looking.  looking. From Air Drive One with Jimmy Carter — who I actually love — preventing for his life towards Reagan, Tip O’Neill preventing towards Reagan from the again room on a regular basis, being on the Berlin Wall on the communist aspect when the wall was coming down and having a younger man say to me, after I requested him, “what does freedom imply to you” — “was is Freiheit” — what he stated? “Speaking to you.”

REID: Wow.

MATTHEWS: Freedom is nice. Democracy is nice. And being with Archbishop Tutu, the nice chief in South Africa, strolling with him to the polls the primary time in his life on the age of 62, he will get to vote, it was an incredible expertise to work inside democracy and to see components of the world preventing for democracy like Nelson Mandela and — and —

REID: Yeah.

MATTHEWS: — bringing down Berlin Wall, I bought to see it multi function lifetime. I Need to share with the individuals who watched my present so faithfully all these years. That’s my present on this e-book.

The return of kooky Matthews and the continuation of Reid’s marketing campaign to have Manchin and Sinema be a part of the GOP was made doable due to advertisers reminiscent of Applebee’s and Kraft. Their contact data is linked. 

To see the total transcript of the interview, click on right here.


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