r/politics – Rep. Hakeem Jeffries says that Republicans ‘want to make it harder to vote and easier to steal an election’



Requested if nukes might cease a hurricane

Prompt ‘raking leaves’ prevents forest fires

Prompt “windmills”(generators) trigger most cancers.

Stated Local weather Change is a Chinese language Hoax

Was a prolific anti-vaxxer

Fueled a racist conspiracy principle that Obama was born in Kenya

Stated he would run into a college unarmed to cease a college capturing

Proposed an “alligator moat” on the border

Stared straight at a photo voltaic eclipse

Tried to purchase Greenland

Directed the EPA to research bogs

Threatened to disclaim emergency funding for lethal California wildfires, regardless of the vast majority of fires being on federal land

Autographed bibles throughout a go to to a catastrophe zone.

Posted a photoshopped picture of his head over Greta Thunberg’s Time journal cowl as a result of he was jealous of a teen

Claimed (with out proof) 3-5 million unlawful ballots price him the favored vote.

Prolonged a hurricane forecast with a sharpie as a result of he could not admit he made a mistake on Twitter

Some quotes for good measure:

“Girls, you must deal with them like shit.”

“No person respects ladies greater than I do.”

“No person loves the bible greater than me.”

“I’m the least racist particular person you’ll discover anyplace on the planet.”

“There’s no one that’s accomplished a lot for equality as I’ve”

“No person’s ever been extra profitable than me.”

“There’s no one larger or higher on the navy than I’m.”

“No person within the historical past of this nation has ever recognized a lot about infrastructure as Donald Trump.”


“No person is aware of extra about commerce than me”

“No person is aware of extra about taxes than I do, possibly within the historical past of the world.”

“I do know extra about renewables than any human being on earth.”

“I do know tech higher than anybody”

“That is the one musical: the mouth. And hopefully the mind connected to the mouth. Proper? The mind, extra necessary than the mouth, is the mind. The mind is far more necessary.”

“Sorry losers and haters, however my I.Q. is without doubt one of the highest -and you all realize it! Please do not feel so silly or insecure, it isn’t your fault”

“I’m very extremely educated. I do know phrases; I’ve one of the best phrases.”

“Truly, all through my life, my two best property have been psychological stability and being, like, actually sensible”

“I believe that will qualify as not sensible, however genius….and a really steady genius at that!”

“I’m the chosen one.”

“I believe I am far more humble than you’d perceive.”


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